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  • The Right Team. At BJ, we have a track record of building leaders, sharing knowledge, and supporting learning opportunities.
  • High Reliability, Team Performance. Our team is committed to delivering safe, repeatable, and reliable performance.
  • We perform work honestly, ethically, and with respect for the environment.
  • 100 patents and counting. Our innovative equipment, including our TITANTM platform, sets us apart in the North American market.
  • In-house Engineering Team. Every aspect of our innovations results from an endeavor to develop, validate, and provide optimized solutions for our clients.
  • Our industry recognized and differentiated solutions contribute to a lower carbon footprint.
  • We provide innovative in-house chemistry solutions tailored to meet client needs and deliver results.
  • Our award-winning products have a proven track record of enhancing well performance.
  • We provide solutions that contribute to achieving higher levels of operating efficiency by optimizing well site delivery, treatment optimization, and fluid recovery.
  • A Fresh Approach. Our proprietary and patented next generation FACTS® controls platform, is unlike any other.
  • Going beyond traditional controls, FACTS harmonizes fleet-level performance based on real-time reservoir conditions, fluid dynamics, equipment condition monitoring, and other operating factors.
  • FACTS logic is continuously optimized by integrating the latest machine learning and AI algorithms.

Annual GHG Emissions Offset from Each TITAN Fleet are equivalent to:
GHG Emissions from
Passenger Vehicles Driven for One Year
CO2 Emissions from
Pounds of Coal Burned
Carbon sequestered by
Acres of U.S. Forest
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