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Fully Automated Control & Telemetry System (FACTSTM)

Our approach to the next generation of fracturing operations controls development is to incorporate all operating environment aspects. Unlike traditional control development, which focuses on unitization such as pump control, blender control, etc., our system acts as one. This approach allows real-time response to reservoir conditions, fluid dynamics, equipment conditions, and other factors such as harmonics, vibration, and pulsation. The result is an automated harmonization at the fleet level vs. single unit equipment inputs often controlled by a human interface.

BJ Energy Solutions FACTS system is differentiated by systematically optimizing pumping parameters and intervention logics to control the operating inputs vs. relying on a direct human interface and operator experience. The combination of logic and strong operational practices significantly mitigates unplanned failures and extends equipment life.

The logic and operating parameters are continuously optimized by the integration of proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms. The result, BJ FACTS establishes an AI-assisted operating environment that enhances real-time decision-making.

  • Enables remote monitoring and fleet control-secure link for client user, client centralized data centers and operations overwatch.
  • Comprehensive data gathering allows FACTS to gather and correlate data from a variety of sources, providing the ability for stakeholders to leverage these data sets for a variety of benefits. These initiatives include maintenance improvement, operations efficiency optimization, improved operations performance, and emissions reduction through real-time emissions feedback.
  • Analyzing patterns of data and subsequent behaviors, our algorithms will leverage Machine Learning to optimize the AI algorithms in real-time. This is possible with FACTS due to BJ owning the controls and the entire infrastructure.
of the FACTS functionality is
innovative in the frac control world:
Out of 73 identified functions, 62 are new.
FACTS vs Industry Standard
  • Designed to support autonomous opeations. The future is full autonomy.
  • Exceeds all competitive systems and nothing like it exists in the industry today.
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