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TITAN Next Generation Fracturing Fleet

A True Hybrid Solution

  • No Boundaries - A wholistic solution integrating Direct Drive Turbine horsepower with electric-powered support equipment
  • Enhanced safety and reliability

Fueled by Natural Gas

  • Replaces diesel fuel with clean burning natural gas
  • Delivers $10-20M annualized fuel savings as compared to diesel fleets (~400 hrs/month)

Best in Class Emissions Profile

  • 25% lower CO2E as compared to Tier IV DGB powered frac fleets
  • Significant engine idle reduction, less than 2% idle time

Power Density

  • Less equipment, Less maintenance, Less downtime
  • Consistently achieving less than 36 hour pad moves

Smallest Footprint

  • Most efficient power to pump combination, reducing surface footprint up to 60%
  • Leading Simulfrac solution

Cutting edge automation and controls technology

  • BJ proprietary developed FACTSTM - Fleet Automation, Control, & Telemetry System


Highest Independent Power Density

  • Each TITAN Pump is a standalone 5,000 HHP unit with no external power required
  • Most efficient energy transfer path from engine to HHP via a direct drive turbine

Fueled by Natural Gas

  • Fueled 100% by natural gas (field gas, CNG, or LNG), switching to a liquid fuel in the event of a natural gas disruption
  • Engine accepts wide range of gas quality, superior to all other solutions

Rapid start / stop capability

  • Micro-turbine technology allows for quick start/stop cycles
  • Less than 2% idle time, optimizing emissions and fuel consumption

Componentized Design

  • Modular components designed to maximize asset utilization and reduce unit downtime
  • Quick swap components enable offline maintenance

Lowest Emissions Profile

  • Offsets an average of 25,000 tonnes per year of CO2 equivalent, compared to Tier IV DGB
  • Best in class Non-GHG Emission Profile (NOx, PM, CO)

Noise Reduction

  • Sound attenuated to generate less than 65 dBA at 300 ft
  • "Acceptable in my neighborhood" - designed to minimize noise pollution

TruDuo Blender

Revolutionary & Innovative

  • 100% Redundancy on a Single Unit - Two blenders, one chassis
  • Blender capable of self diagnostics and real-time performance evaluation

Fully Automated Manless Blender

  • Fleet level integration - blender to wellhead
  • Harnesses the future of ML and AI with automated equipment contingencies

Maximize Uptime

  • Designed to overcome the largest contributors of NPT
  • Plug n Play blender modules include sand, dry, and liquid adds

Reliability to meet today's most challenging completions

  • 20,000 lbs/min per side, 40,000 combined
  • Dry and Wet Sand compatible

Simulfrac Ready

  • Simultanously treat 2 wells independently, up to 120 BPM per side, 240 BPM combined (rate)
  • Simulfrac Slip Stream Capability (IP) - Independent density per discharge side from a single unit

Zero emissions

  • Fully Electric
  • Noise reduction - low acoustic emissions

Gas Conditioning Unit

Efficient and Compact Gas Conditioning Trailer

  • Single Trailer Load (vs traditional 5 skid system), reduces rig in / rig out time by ~ 12 hours
  • Automated contingencies to eliminate the potential for water entering the turbine fuel system

Gas Conditioning Capability

  • Designed capacity of 10.8 MMSCF per day
  • 2 dual-chamber inlet filter vessels in series with 6 liquid level dump valves, reverse flow filters, and automatic shut off valves to safeguard equipment

Integrated Manifold System

Instrumentation Skid

  • Incorporates all required operational valves to one skid
  • 7 inch fullbore

Integrated fuel manifold

  • Integrates high pressure discharge, suction, and fuel supply lines.
  • Utilizes safe and efficient quick connect technologies.

Multiple Pump Configurations

  • Manifold can be configured to meet any job, no matter the size
  • Ensures spacing standardization for every rig up

TITAN Footprint

40K HP TITAN Fleet vs 40K HP E-Fleet
40K HP E-Fleet and Natural Gas Recip Generators
TITAN 40K HP Natural Gas Direct Drive Turbine Frac Fleet
40K HP E-Fleet and Natural Gas Recip Generators
8 Electric 5,000 HP Pump Trailers
10 Natural Gas Recip Generator Units
TITAN 40K HP Natural Gas Direct Drive Turbine Frac Fleet
8 Natural Gas 5,000 HP Direct Drive Turbine Pumps
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