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BJ Energy Solutions and Comstock Resources Enter into Second Multi-Year TITAN™ Next-Generation Fracturing Services Agreement

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BJ Energy Solutions has entered into a fracturing services agreement to provide Comstock Resources with its second TITAN™ next-generation fracturing fleet. The fleet will be deployed to Comstock's Haynesville operation in early 2023.

BJ Energy executed a contract with Comstock for its first TITAN Fleet, which was delivered in April 2022. "On the first-two pads that were completed using the TITAN fleet, we eliminated 1.4 million gallons of diesel fuel replaced by cleaner burning natural gas. The environment was positively impacted by removing approximately 2,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions," said Dan Harrison Comstock COO. "This fleet has played a key role in helping us minimize our completion cost as the cost of diesel has increased significantly. The completions cost on those first two pads were reduced by 15% compared to using one of our conventional diesel fleets. Based on the initial results, we entered into a contract with BJ Energy for a second TITAN natural gas-powered fleet," said Harrison.

Targeting emissions reduction, operational efficiencies, improved economics, and a reduction in equipment footprint, the core of BJ's next-generation fracturing fleet, the TITAN, includes direct drive 5,000 Horsepower natural gas-fired turbine driven pumps, capable of delivering the most efficient 'power to pump' combinations available. Beginning in late 2022, BJ will launch additional technologies to complement the TITAN Pumping platform, including a 4 MW Mobile Power Generation Unit to power the Electric TruDuo Blender and other modularized equipment.

"The BJ Energy and Comstock teams have a history of working collaboratively to solve new industry related challenges. Our Team is excited that Comstock has realized the value in TITAN so early in the operations lifecycle and have chosen to secure a second fleet that will support their operation through early 2026," said Warren Zemlak, CEO of BJ Energy.

About BJ Energy Solutions
With a rich legacy beginning in 1872, BJ has 150 years of technology innovation. Today, BJ Energy's strategy is to champion sustainable products and emissions reduction through the investment, development, and commercialization of technologies that reduces carbon footprint. BJ's latest introduction of the TITAN technology platform supports the industry's endeavor to continually improve its environmental impact and social responsibilities. For more information, please visit our website at

About Comstock
Comstock Resources is a leading independent natural gas producer with operations focused on the development of the Haynesville Shale in North Louisiana and East Texas. For more information, please visit Comstock's website at 

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