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Comstock Resources Turns to Gas-powered Fracking to Help Offset Inflation

Comstock Resources reported it saved between $12,000 to $20,000 pre fracking stage since switching to natural gas-powered frac equipment.


U.S. oil producer Comstock Resources said it was facing about a 15% rise in oilfield costs but was helping to offset inflation by switching to natural gas-powered equipment.

The company activated a BJ Energy Solutions natural gas-powered frack fleet in April to offset higher costs for diesel used to power oilfield equipment.

BJ Energy Solutions Partners with IOC for Emissions Reducing Technology

Fueled by natural gas, the turbine driven pump supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduced costs and improved mobility, according to the company.


Woodlands-based BJ Energy Solutions announced on April 6 that it has entered into a three-year pressure pumping services agreement with a multinational oil company for its natural gas-powered TITAN fleet, which will be deployed in the Duvernay resource play near Fox Creek, Alberta.

The TITAN is the direct drive 5,000 horsepower natural gas-powered turbine driven pump, capable of delivering one of the most efficient 'power to pump'...

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