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BJ Energy Solutions and Aethon Energy Enter into Second TITAN™ Next-Generation Fracturing Services Agreement

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BJ Energy Solutions has entered into a three-year fracturing services agreement to provide Aethon Energy with a second TITAN™ next-generation fracturing fleet. The TITAN fleet will be deployed for Aethon in the first quarter of 2023, representing what will be BJ's 5th TITAN fleet operating in the Haynesville basin.

"There is a tremendous feeling of pride and ownership across the BJ Energy and Aethon Teams for what has been achieved in the last year with the very first TITAN Fleet", said Caleb Barclay, Chief Operating Officer of BJ Energy Solutions. "We are excited to enter into a second TITAN contract with Aethon, further validating the technology, and providing BJ the opportunity to continue supporting Aethon's business needs for many years to come."

"We continue to believe that natural gas-fueled fracturing fleets represent an evolutionary step forward in the efficiency and improved environmental impact of completions technology," said John Sparling, Vice President of Completions at Aethon Energy. "Our partnership with BJ Energy Solutions to pilot and deploy the first TITAN fracturing fleet continues to deliver reliable, high-quality service with significant cost savings, and we look forward to doubling the scale of its benefits next year with our second TITAN fleet."

Aethon Energy deployed the first 8-pump natural gas fueled BJ TITAN fleet in February of 2021. Since deployment, the first TITAN Fleet has:

  • Performed over 7,000 pumping hours;
  • Displaced over 10.1 million gallons of diesel;
  • Reduced greenhouse gases by 26,400 MT of CO2e as compared to conventional equipment, and;
  • Improved well site efficiencies with consistent utilization over 450 hours per month.

At the core of BJ's TITAN Technology is the TITAN Pump, powered by a 5,000-horsepower direct drive natural gas-fired turbine that delivers one of the most efficient 'power to pump' combinations available. Expanding on the success of the TITAN pump technology, BJ has continued to innovate, designing a complimentary set of electric-powered support equipment, including the new 260 bpm TruDuo Electric Blender. This unit will further enhance well site efficiencies and equipment footprint, while enabling TITAN's differentiation in Simulfrac operations.

About BJ Energy Solutions

With a rich legacy beginning in 1872, BJ has 150 years of technology innovation. Today, BJ Energy's strategy is to champion sustainable products and emissions reduction through the investment, development, and commercialization of technologies that reduce carbon footprint. BJ's latest introduction of the TITAN technology platform supports the industry's endeavor to continually improve its environmental impact and social responsibilities. For more information, please visit our website at

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