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Technical, Economic And Environmental Considerations For Selecting Next Generation Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment Technology

SPE – 210215


Recently, the North America Oil and Gas industry has seen a rapid increase in the adoption of new hydraulic fracturing technologies such as dual-fuel diesel engine, electric system powered by gas turbine or engine on-site and turbine direct drive technology, to reduce emissions and operating costs. The objective of this paper is to provide a detailed analysis of economic, environmental, and technical considerations when selecting the next generation hydraulic fracturing equipment platform.

Natural gas-powered, direct-drive turbine fracturing technology delivers variety of improvements

September 2022 Issue of World Oil Magazine


Innovation in hydraulic fracturing equipment design and engineering has resulted in field-proven technology for emission reduction, operational efficiency and cost-savings. The direct-drive turbine for fracturing application has come of age.

Natural gas-powered direct-drive turbines reduce GHG emissions, improve efficiency during fracing

January 2022 Issue of World Oil Magazine


Increased industry demand for lower emissions, improved operational efficiency and reliability, and competitive capital cost structure, all call for innovative thinking in hydraulic equipment design and engineering. Direct-drive turbine technology has been proven to take up the challenges.

A Cationic Friction Reducer Fully Compatible With Produced Water



The high intensity of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoir has resulted in dramatic increase in water consumption. The reuse of produced water has been driven by both the environmental and economic benefits. The performance of conventional anionic friction reducers is usually affected by the total dissolved solid (TDS) in the water source. We present here a cationic friction reducer which is fully compatible with most of produced water based on results from the lab and field.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency Of Surface Systems

June 2019 Issue of E&P Magazine


BJ Services’s redesigned blender system meets the safety and operational needs of modern completions designs. Read about how we re-engineered the blender with a focus on maintainability and reliability to help solve industry challenges. 

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