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Engineering A New Pumping Approach

July 2018 Issue of E&P Magazine


BJ Services was presented with a unique opportunity to address changing operating conditions by applying new equipment engineering designs. More specifically, the company took a systemwide approach to engineering with the intent of delivering a new level of reliability and performance for clients.

Engineered Friction Reducers Enhance Proppant Transport

January 2018 Issue of E&P Magazine


Reducing friction is a long-established challenge that operators must overcome to decrease fluid flow friction and enable high-rate pumping without requiring more pressure generation at the surface.  Recent advances in polymer chemistry have led to the creation of polyacrylamide-based technologies that can provide a greater reduction in pipe friction and enhance proppant transport over conventional slickwater fluids.

Gelled Isolation Fluid Makes Refracturing Well Feasible



A gelled fluid offers the benefits of being both temporary and easily cleaned up after the treatment. The objective in this application was to use a low cost gelled fluid to fully isolate existing perforations along a lateral to stimulate new zones. The novelty of this work included the application of using a gelled fluid in conjunction with a sliding sleeve system.

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