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Perfecting Operational Execution: The Journey To High Reliability In The Oilfield



High Reliability Organizations (HROs) are organizations with systems that maintain exceptionally low failure rates while operating in environments where the nature of the risk and complexity of serious incidents would be anticipated. The aim of this paper is to illustrate how the principles, concepts, and processes of HROs, including Crew Resource Management (CRM), can optimize operational execution.

Far-Field Diversion System Designed For Slickwater Fracturing



Fracture geometry control and increased fracture complexity have been recognized to be critical factors in optimizing unconventional well completion design. A major challenge of far-field diversion in slickwater fracturing is ensuring transport of material to the fracture tip or secondary fracture in a low-viscosity fluid. This paper will present an innovative far-field diverter system for fracturing with low-viscosity fluids composed of an engineered mixture of unique ultra-lightweight proppant and degradable material.

Real-Time, Tunable Technology For Operating Efficiency

September 2018 Issue of World Oil


The purpose of tunable technology is efficiency.  For fracturing operations, efficiencies can be gained by reducing NPT, improving completion design, and exploiting more reliable equipment.  One area that can play a significant role is chemistry, particularly friction reducers.  

Can Friction Reducers Transport Sand During Fracturing Treatment?



This paper provides a comprehensive study of friction reducers as linear or crosslinked guar system replacement for transporting proppant. An in-depth understanding of the key factors controlling proppant carrying capability of FRs is critical to improved fracturing fluid design.

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